Grassroots Innovation Incubation Center

Supported by i-STED, DST, Government of India

The major objectives of i-STED project are the following :

  • Commercialization of proven grassroots innovations by establishing rural enterprises.
  • Linking grassroots innovators and rural entrepreneurs for commercialization of grassroots innovators with proper benefit sharing mechanism
  • Mentoring, guidance, training and technical support to grassroots innovators and rural entrepreneurs to commercialize grassroots innovations.
  • Catering location specific needs, drudgery reduction and livelihood generation through the introduction of appropriate grassroots innovation.
  • Sensitizing the prospects and potential of grassroots innovation among the various stakeholders for facilitating diffusion and enterprise development.

    Key activities

  • Identifying rural entrepreneurs from remote high risk villages of Kerala
  • Mentoring and hand-holding support for rural entrepreneurs for establishing and managing enterprises.
  • Establishment of demonstration units.
  • Detailed market study and developing business plan for converting grassroots innovations into enterprises.
  • Establishing networks with various stakeholders
  • Popularization of innovations among various stakeholders
  • Establishing market linkages & networks

Grassroots / Farmers’ innovations selected for enterprise development

Innovation Innovator
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